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Ceramic Souvenirs
Old city buildings' ceramic replicas sometimes with candle holders inside, are extremely popular and a sure winner.

Graphics: Old city streets are lined up with paintings by amateur artists of all grades! You can visit a few galleries for prints and originals by Estonian artists as awell.

Music: Try choral or symphonic music by composers Arvo Pärt, Eduard Tubin, Rudolf Tobias or Heino Eller. The Choral music album, Forgotten Peoples by Velio Thomas is a local classic. Ultima Thule, Compromise Blue, Tonis Mägi, Hedvig Hanson, Jäääär (Jääboiler), or Maarja are the rock and pop stars in Estonia. If techno is what you really are looking for; check out 2 Quick Start.

Jewellery: Much like Nordic style, Estonian jewellery shows clean lines, without being overly garish.

Liquor: Vana Tallinn is recommended Estonian-made liquor. Beer lovers must try the Tartu or Saku beer. Another heavy drink is the Gremi, a brandy born in Georgia and bottled in Tallinn.

Wood Carvings: Estonian craftsmen carve virtually everything from wood - dolls and toy cars and even toilet seats! They use the fragrant juniper to make trays and spoons, and wooden flowers they carve are well admired here.

Candy and Chocolate: For chocolate lovers, you can bring back home a box of chocolates imprinted with scenes from everyday Tallinn, that is if you are able to keep it unopened and uneaten before leaving Estonia. Chocolates by Kalev, an Estonian candy maker, are well-known.

Carved Stone Items: Elegantly finished everyday items like candle holders, ashtrays, etc that are carved out of dolomite stone. This stone is generally quarried from the island of Saaremaa.

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Russian Fur Hats
: Hats of '30s and '40s style, and wackier hats - the kinds worn by court jesters or nobility of yore, are all the rage among the tourists. There several good shops selling a wide variety of hats. Otherwise, outdoor markets offer a good choice as well.

Knitted Woollens: Estonian hand-knitted sweaters, gloves or even socks are the cosiest things one can put a foot or a hand into. The outdoor market that runs by the old city wall is a good place to find woollen handicrafts.

Glass and Linen: Many shops offer good collections of glassworks and linen. Cleverly-designed tinted glasses are exquisitely beautiful.

Matryoshka dolls (doll inside a doll inside a doll etc.) and amber are popular among tourists. However they actually are not Estonian. Matryoshka dolls are from Russia and amber is usually from Lithuania.


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