The Republic of Lithuania lies on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.

Neighbour countries: Latvia, Russia, Poland and Belarus

Government: Democratic Republic.

Colling code: +370
Emergency calls: 112
Time Zone:
GMT + 2 hours.

Resorts: Palanga, NeringaDruskininkai , Birštonas and Anykščiai.

Climate: Oceanic/continental. Average temperature in July is +17°C, in January – -4.9°C. However, temperatures can soar up to +30C in summer, and drop down to -32C in winter.

Landscape: There are over 2,800 lakes larger than 0.5 hectares in size, and 18 rivers longer than 100 kilometres in Lithuania.

The population of Lithuania stands at 2 980 000.  Ethnicity: Lithuanian – 83.5%, Polish – 6.7%, Russian – 6.3%, Belarusian – 1.2%, other – 2.3%. 

Medical service: For entry into Lithuania no vaccinations or health certificates are required. Health insurance policy is optional.

The official language of the Republic of Lithuania is Lithuanian, however many speak English, Russian, Polish and German in addition.

Hi - Labas!
Good-bye - Viso gero
Yes - Taip
No - Ne
Thank you - Aciu
Please - Prasau
Sorry - Atsiprasau

Visa regulation
Nationals of EU and EEA member states are free to enter Lithuania. The required travel document for entry is a national ID card or passport.

National currency: Euro (€)

Public holidays:

1st of January - New Year's Day
16th of February – Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania (Independence Day);
11th of March – Restitution of Independence of Lithuania;
Varies from the 22nd of March until 25th of April – Easter (first Sunday-Monday after the full moon accounting from the date of equinox);
1st of May – International Labour Day;
24th of June – St. John’s Day, Midsummer Day (Joninės, Rasos);
6th of July  – Statehood Day (the Crowning Day of the Lithuanian King Mindaugas);
15th of August – Assumption Day (Žolinės);
1st of November – All Saints’ Day (Vėlinės);
25-26th of December - Christmas.



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