Winter feast with Huskies and Inuit
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A winter feast with Huskies and Inuit is a spectacular program in which participants will learn some tricks to survive in harsh weather conditions and will experience lots of various emotions - joy and fear, freedom and excitement, revival of the soul and total relaxation.

Our friendly Inuit and fawning on Alaskan Huskies will give you a warm welcome in the homestead of Academy of Adventure (or another place that you choose) and invite you to prepare for a striking trip to Alaska – drink hot wine and eat some snacks.

In this program you will compete with the tribes that you will form yourself. Everything will proceed by rotation:

Ones will familiarise with Huskies, gather knowledge about dog sledding sport and equipment used therein. Then, after a short briefing, they will slide or ride with a special cart (in case there is no snow).

Others will participate in a funny and active program, in which they will collect points from accomplishment of various tasks (upbuilding of a shelter from the wild animals, food hunting etc.).

Afterwards, there will be gambling games! The points you will be have gained during the tasks will be converted into Alaska dollars and they will serve the best in bets for dog sleds. After so many activities, you will be invited to smoke the Peace pipe and have a dinner prepared on fire.

This program is a great idea for those, who want to spend their stay in Lithuania in a unique way. You will definitely be rapt and willing to visit us once more!

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