4 days conference in Vilnius, Lithuania
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4 days of real business in Vilnius

4 days conferene with tournaments In Vilnius
Sometimes it is never enough time to be together with your team. That is why we are offering 4 days and 3 nights perfect conference with acitivities in Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius is magical city with biggest old town in Baltic states and there is a lot activities you can do during all seasons. Vilnius is perfect place to have conference with your team: here we have perfect conference rooms which are modern and well looking.

During this program you can have conference, sightseeing, tournaments, night life and anything else you would like to experience with your team. It is perfect time to build up highest level of your team work. If there is changes you want in program, inform us and together with you we will find the best solution for you and your team.

First day:

  • Your flight to Vilnius (flight is short and takes only 2 hours) - at your arrival our staff will meet your team;
  • Trip to hotel with our transportation;
  • Lunch at local restaurant: „Berneliu Uzeiga“ whose recipe book contains 43 national heritage dishes of Lithuania and also the enviroment of restaurant shines with traditions of Lithuania / „Belmontas“ perfect place to eat in beautiful enviroment of Lithuania, restaurant is in the park and near river, so the enviroment is magnificient. Restaurant has French mill which was built at 1838.;
  • Conference start! During conference start we recommend to make short presentation of schedule and activities, also giving some more important information for your team or making short presentation. We kindly recomend to make it short because it is first day and arrival day so it is better to make some interesting activities;
  • Challenge the Mindfight tournament with professional moderator. You will be provided different tasks: music, visual tasks and intelligent questions;
  • After mindfight you need to refill energy, so we will have Korean Barbeque at local Vilnius restaurant;
  • Barbeque will contain:
  • Sea food;
  • Pork barbeque;
  • Beef barbeque.
  • Rice;
  • Soup;
  • Refreshing drinks.
  • Tasty Lithuanian beer degustation in Vilnius. Lithuania is small country but has more than 80 beer breweries. Lithuanian beer has won and is still winning lots of medals in international beer competitions, because of this reason it is a must to taste Lithuanian beer when you visit Lithuania. During degustation you will try 11 different beers and will get different snacks to test with beer, by your request we can give more beer for degustation / Whiskey degustation in restaurant which has more than 300 types of whiskey (during degustation we will give you 5 different Whiskeys and some special snacks. By your request you will be able to have more Whiskeys);

Second day:

  • Breakfast at hotel;
  • After breakfast there is enough energy to start first part of conference;
  • Lunch at local restaurant: „Berneliu Uzeiga“ / „Belmontas“.
  • After lunch we will take you back to hotel for second part of conference with team building activities which will be held by proffesional moderator;
  • After second part of conference you will be taken to Vilnius TV tower with magnificient view of Vilnius to have dinner in restaurant which is in 165 metres height. It is a synchronization of deliciuos food and wonderfull view and you can just sit and enjoy, because seats and tables in the restaurant are rotating in circle for you to see Vilnius from all sides;
  • After dinner there will be free time so we suggest you optional activities for making your memories about Lithuania greater: Wine degustation (you will be able to taste different wines and to know which wines are better to use with different food. Degustation will be held by professionall sommelier) / Underground Vilnius tour with fascinating stories (Undeground of Cathedral; St. Cross (Bonifrati Church); Amber galleries wineries; J. and M. Šlapeliai house-museum cellars; St. John Street Gallery wineries; Jewish Culture and Information Centre) / Photo bombing tour (you will be able to check your abilities to find places in new city you are visiting and to take photos of these places to have memories. It is entertaining activity helping to know new city better).
  • If company does not want these  activities it is possible to change it to other activities or to have free time.

Third day:

  • Continental breakfast in Hotel;
  • Visit a magnificient city Trakai (XIV century Trakai castle surrounded by lakes; beautiful nature of Trakai; Blessed Virgin Mary Church; Karaites Street - "Small Town"; the Peninsula and the islands castles.);
  • Trakai city is famous for Karaite soldiers living in it. Karaite people have traditional dish called: Kibinai. After sightseeing you will go to traditional Trakai Karaite restaurant to try traditional dish - Kibinai;
  • We will take you back to Vilnius for third part of conference or by your request third day can be relaxation day and we can add any activities for you, suggested activities: SPA - „Sugihara SPA“ - it is biggest SPA center in Vilnius where you will have possibility to enjoy and relax your body and soul, there are possibilities to choose: massage, sauna, relax in pool, jacuzzi, amber procedures and a lot of other SPA procedures for your soul and body / Vichy Water park with 8 different saunas, 9 extreme water slides and some simple water slides, canoy river, jacuzzi, bar in water  / Karting tournament which we will organise specially for you. During this tournament you and your team will be able to compete with each other and to see which one is the best karting racer / Bowling tournament / any other activity from our activities list, or if you have some special request just inform us and we will organise it for you;
  • Dinner will be served in baroque style restaurant with best steaks in town. For the ones who do not like stakes there will be plenty of other deliciuos and superbly tasty food in one of the best restaurant in Vilnius with powerful name  „Bear“;
  • Pubcrowling tournament in small teams (during this activitie you will visit minimum 5 Bars in Vilnius);
  • Nightlife of Vilnius (bars, pubs, events, nightclubs, casino)

Fourth day:

  • Breakfast at hotel;
  • Conference ending program to discussed goals reached during conference and also to give  awards for team members for activities and tournaments;
  • Optional activities if there is time left (depends on flight): Horse riding in beautiful nature of Lithuania to feel the freedom and relaxation / Extraordinary show of scientists in conference hall.  During this show you will see the power of liquid Nitrogen in a funny way. You will even be able to taste extraordinary ice cream made with help of liquid Nitrogen.
  • If company does not want these  activities it is possible to change it to other activities or to have free time.
  • Lunch at local restaurant;
  • Flight back.

From your arrival until the flight back our proffesional team member will be with you and will make your visit 100 % perfect. Our team are professionals working in this field for more than 10 years and will always help you and answer your questions.

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4*hotel „Amberton“ which for your comfort is in city center or similar 4* hotel.

We always reach highest goals, that is why we always select only best Hotels. For this celebration we specially suggest "Amberton" hotel because it is in city center, for yo to feel the magic of Christmas in Vilnius.

If you have request for different type hotel contact us +370 65906440 (9.00-18.00 (GMT+2)) Monday to Friday (emergency cases 24/7) or by email dp@balticadaventure.lt . Together we find best solutions!


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