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Julebord in magical Vilnius Program

Julebord is a beautiful traditional Scandinavian feast to celebrate in Christmas. It is perfect time for you and your team to feel magic of Christamas and to get closer.  During Julebord celebration it is popular to travel abroad to have new experiences with heart-warming memories. Together with your team come and celebrate Julebord in Vilnius, Lithuania to have wonderful time and memories which you will remember forever. Vilnius city is a magnificient place with biggest old town in Baltic states. During winter city is wonderful and you can feel the magic of Christmas all around Vilnius. We suggest you full services for Julebord celebration in Vilnius: dinner, lunch, breakfast, accomodation, activities and relaxation.  

Kaledos Vilnius

From your arrival until the flight back our proffesional team member will be with you and will make your visit 100 % perfect. Our team are professionals working in this field for more than 10 years and will always help you and answer your questions. 

Program prepared specially for you and your celebration:

First day – City tour – Korean barbeque – Degustation/Underground tour/ Photo tour:

  • Your flight to Vilnius (flight is short and takes only 2 hours) - at your arrival our staff will meet your team;
  • Check in at 4*hotel „Amberton“ which for your comfort is in city center or similar 4* hotel;
  • After flight with our transportation we will go and leave all luggages in hotel to go for short city sightseeing with visits to: Vilnius cathedral; Town hall square; Gedimino av., St. Anne Church (Napaleon wished to bring this church on his palm to France);
  • After sightseeing to refill energy we will have Korean Barbeque at local Vilnius restaurant;
  • Barbeque will contain:
    • Sea food;
    • Pork barbeque;
    • Beef barbeque.
    • Rice;
    • Soup;
    • Refreshing drinks.
  • After dinner there will be free time so we suggest you optional activities for making your memories about Lithuania greater: Wine degustation (you will be able to taste different wines and to know which wines are better to use with different food. Degustation will be held by professionall sommelier) / Underground Vilnius tour with fascinating stories (Undeground of Cathedral; St. Cross (Bonifrati Church); Amber galleries wineries; J. and M. Šlapeliai house-museum cellars; St. John Street Gallery wineries; Jewish Culture and Information Centre) / Photo bombing tour (you will be able to check your abilities to find places in new city you are visiting and to take photos of these places to have memories. It is entertaining activity helping to know new city better).
    If company does not want these  activities it is possible to change it to other activities or to have free time.

Second day – Trakai – Karaite restaurant – Skiing/Snow mobiles/Horse riding – Hot wine – Christmas market – Julebord dinner: 

  • Continental breakfast in Hotel;
  • Visit a magnificient city Trakai (XIV century Trakai castle surrounded by lakes; beautiful nature of Trakai; Blessed Virgin Mary Church; Karaites Street - "Small Town"; the Peninsula and the islands castles.);
  • Trakai city is famous for Karaite soldiers living in it. Karaite people have traditional dish called: Kibinai. After sightseeing you will go to traditional Trakai Karaite restaurant to try traditional dish - Kibinai;
  • After powering up our energy you will go for Winter activities in Trakai: skiing on lake (it is mind-refreshing and fun activity) / winter safari with snow mobiles in Trakai (fly faster than the wind through snow-covered fields, forest trails and lake. You will feel the true beuty of Lithuania nature) / horse riding in wonderful winter forest of Trakai to feel the true beuty of Lithuania nature. For other activities instead of listed please check our All activities page.
  • During winter it can get cold even during activities, so you will go to have late lunch at local Trakai restaurant with hot wine to warm up. It is restaurant with a view to XIV century castle of Trakai, so during lunch you could enjoy not only the food but also the view;
  • After Trakai you will go to Vilnius city center for Christmas market and souvenir shops. Christmas is special period and it is fun to buy small gifts for your friends, family and it is even more satisfying for them to get small gifts from other countries;
  • After shopping you will go to hotel to leave your bags and everything what will be not needed for Julebord celebration;
  • Julebord dinner we will make for you special, because it will be special restaurant in Vilnius with exclusive enviroment and lot‘s of food together with drinks. Julebord dinner will be held in „Belmontas“ -  perfect place to eat in beautiful enviroment of Lithuania. Restaurant is in the park and near river, the enviroment is magnificient. Restaurant has French mill which was built at 1838.

Third day – Late breakfast – Flight back:

  • After celebrations it is not always easy to wake up for early breakfast in Hotel, so specially for you we will organise late breakfast to have enough time for resting (brunch breakfast);
  • We will bring you with our transportation to Vilnius airport for your Flight back.

With us you are guaranteed to get safety, reliability and professional organization of your conference! 

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Price is per person. Price can vary depending on activities selected or extra activities. Contact us and we will discuss the best price for you. 

To send you offer based on your needs, please fill the Conference Request Form or call +370 65906440 (9.00-18.00 (GMT+2)) Monday to Friday (emergency cases 24/7). Our specialists will contact you shortly.


4*hotel „Amberton“ which for your comfort is in city center or similar 4* hotel.

We always reach highest goals, that is why we always select only best Hotels. For this celebration we specially suggest "Amberton" hotel because it is in city center, for yo to feel the magic of Christmas in Vilnius.

If you have request for different type hotel contact us +370 65906440 (9.00-18.00 (GMT+2)) Monday to Friday (emergency cases 24/7) or by email dp@balticadaventure.lt . Together we find best solutions!


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