Wind tunnel in Sigulda
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Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of free-fall ?

Wind tunnel is the closest thing to it without stepping foot on a plane. During this activity you can feel the air rush by at 200kph as you try to master flight. Once you have perfected your balance and position, the fan is cranked up and you can hit heights up to 4 metres. The feeling that you get flying this height is hard explain and it is best just to do it and then share your experience with everyone else. 

The technology behind the wind tunnel is designed to replicate the free-fall experience, you will have an instructor with you, he will be trying to maximise your flying experience. The instructors have performed all over the world, including the Beijing Olympics as well as tutoring Jackie Chan here in Latvia ahead of filming (also done in Latvia).

NOTE! The minimum weight for this activity is 20kg and the maximum weight is 140kg, there is also a height restriction of 2metres.
Special suits are provided to help catch as much of the air stream as possible.  

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Price 65 EUR per person.


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